With PrenCare Home you get a simple yet highly effective aid for monitoring your pregnancy.

The mobile tocograph is a small, light, easy-to-operate device in a safe cover that attaches directly to the stomach using an elasticated band. Instructions for attaching the device to the body and transfer of data from the device are given in the instructions for use which you get from the manufacturer’s internet pages.

A smartphone with internet access is essential for the use of the system. In the course of measuring, the PrenCare mobile tocograph records data only in an internal memory. Thanks to this safe technology there is no radiation or any impact whatsoever on the child. For preventative reasons the actual transfer of data for processing is permitted only after the device is removed from the body.

The mobile sensor monitors uterine activity and movement activity of the expectant mother and saves the data gained in its memory. The course of the uterine contractions is detected by a sensitive pressure sensor and is recorded in an internal memory along with the movement activity of the expectant mother.

The mobile sensor works on the principle of passive data recording. During the monitoring it does not transmit or radiate anything. The device is completely safe for the pregnant woman and the child, and it can be used long term. The device in direct contact with the patient is powered only from a low-voltage rechargeable battery. The actual transfer of the gained data only occurs after the device is removed from the body.