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Insurance for your pregnancy – Modern prenatal care for the 21st century

PrenCare is a system for the mobile home monitoring of uterine activity. It represents an advance in care, especially in the case of high-risk pregnancies with danger of premature birth.

The inspiration for the creation of this equipment was a study performed in the USA at the end of the 1970/start of the 1980s on a cohort of selected pregnant women with risk of premature birth by the team of MUDr. Michael Katz. The women were monitored at home long term using a device working on a principle similar to PrenCare™. This means long-term home monitoring of uterine activity, the recording of data and subsequent transfer of this data for evaluation. The results were excellent. There was a breakthrough reduction in the frequency of premature births.

The insufficiently developed technology and, at the time, excessive costs were a disadvantage. As a result the study was not applied in practice for a long time.

Until the Zlín gynaecologist, MUDr. Pavel Baran, a specialist in high-risk pregnancies, working with Ing. Jaroslav Korec (the owner of the firm Medetron s.r.o.), who organised the development of the technical and software solution, managed to revive this idea. The recording of movement activity of the expectant mother was added to the original simple monitoring of uterine activity, and this took the utility of the device to a whole new level. After the end of development the Integrated Prenatal Care System underwent successful clinical testing in the  Institute for the Care of Mother and Child in Prague – Podolí and gained all the necessary certificates and permits.